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Kyle Dempster, Founder

host of civ cast

Kyle founded Kyle Dempster Studios (KDS) in 2016 after launching the HOW ORIGINAL PODCAST in January of the same year. In July, Dempster started work on CIV CAST, a podcast dedicated to the Sid Meier's Civilization franchise timed to the release of Civilization VI.

As a fan of sci-fi, geekery and technology, the KDS Network has become a haven for nerds and geeks alike. Oh, that dog in the pictures? That's Louie. He's the best friend a man could ask for. 

Dempster graduated Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania in 2014 and moved to Los Angeles where he worked in the entertainment industry before moving to Salt Lake City in 2017.

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Instagram - @KyleDempster7

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Joe Pancake

host of one good geek

Joe Pancake joined Kyle Dempster in 2016 when they formed the HOW ORIGINAL PODCAST. This podcast quickly became a place for Kyle and Joe to share their favorite shows, their love of sci-fi, and well-produced entertainment (I know….how original?). Joe was an English major in his undergraduate career (and remains one at heart). Joe got his Master’s in counseling and now uses his love of narrative in his work in mental health.  Joe has a minor obsession with psychoanalysis, meaning-making, and philosophy. He admits his understanding of most of this is limited and always welcomes others to join the conversation! Joe Pancake loves to find shows that deal with the intricacies of being human, challenges to black and white morality, lean toward the occult, and promote thoughtful discussions. Shows that challenge more than resolve are always welcome on Joe’s watch list.



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Dan MacDonald

cohost of Civ cast and Host of rpgold

Dan joined Civ Cast in October, 2016, as a long-time lover of RTS, 4X, Grand Strategy, and basically any game involving a historical and unit-control element.

A lifelong lover of games, the first real gaming experience he remembers was with Age of Empires II – where he sunk endless hours into choppy LAN sessions and Town Centre rushes. Since then, he has kept up with strategy gaming through the Civilization, Europa Universalis, and Total War series.

Dan is a graduate of The University of Edinburgh (2014) and Simon Fraser University (2010), where he studied towards degrees in History and English Literature. His research passions are Russian and Scottish history, and Russian literature. He lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife – who indulges his love of video games, despite still referring to them all as ‘his Nintendo’s’.

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Wouter Weges

co-host of civ cast

Being fascinated by computers since a young age being a gamer only came naturally. From the classic NES to modern computers Wouter just loves to put his skills to the test in the newest games. Though he likes to play many games from casual to shooters, his favorites have always been strategy games. From playing Warcraft 3 to Red Alert and Civilization you can always wake him up for a good game. This love for games cumulated in sharing his passion with the world through his own YouTube and Twitch channel. Wouter is studying Computing Science and History at the University of Groningen, hoping to combine these skills to one day develop the ultimate strategy game to rule them all.


Cameron MacDonald

co-host of rpgold

Elitist in gaming and music during his youth, turned omniscient MMO enthusiast and welder/fabricator in following years. Cam loves a challenge to push his physical and mental limits. Living one hour out of Vancouver, Canada, tucked in the side of a mountain, in a cave, the legend himself hides from social "normies".

WoW was more of a job for him, racking a World 4th Kill in Wrath while maintaining a leading edge gear score throughout his 8 year career in the reknowned MMORPG. After Blizzard started to fade and other month fad MMO's became dull, Cam moved on to other genres. LoL, Dota2, D3 and Destiny are among the many titles he has mastered, as well as dabbling in BF4 and the odd Steam Summer Sale games with friends. Currently Black Desert Online has captured Cam's interest, where he has rekindled his passion for MMOs and passes on his vast knowledge of MMOs and BDO to new players.