Cameron MacDonald

co-host of rpgold

Elitist in gaming and music during his youth, turned omniscient MMO enthusiast and welder/fabricator in following years. Cam loves a challenge to push his physical and mental limits. Living one hour out of Vancouver, Canada, tucked in the side of a mountain, in a cave, the legend himself hides from social "normies".

WoW was more of a job for him, racking a World 4th Kill in Wrath while maintaining a leading edge gear score throughout his 8 year career in the reknowned MMORPG. After Blizzard started to fade and other month fad MMO's became dull, Cam moved on to other genres. LoL, Dota2, D3 and Destiny are among the many titles he has mastered, as well as dabbling in BF4 and the odd Steam Summer Sale games with friends. Currently Black Desert Online has captured Cam's interest, where he has rekindled his passion for MMOs and passes on his vast knowledge of MMOs and BDO to new players.