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Joe Pancake

host of one good geek

Joe Pancake joined Kyle Dempster in 2016 when they formed the HOW ORIGINAL PODCAST. This podcast quickly became a place for Kyle and Joe to share their favorite shows, their love of sci-fi, and well-produced entertainment (I know….how original?). Joe was an English major in his undergraduate career (and remains one at heart). Joe got his Master’s in counseling and now uses his love of narrative in his work in mental health.  Joe has a minor obsession with psychoanalysis, meaning-making, and philosophy. He admits his understanding of most of this is limited and always welcomes others to join the conversation! Joe Pancake loves to find shows that deal with the intricacies of being human, challenges to black and white morality, lean toward the occult, and promote thoughtful discussions. Shows that challenge more than resolve are always welcome on Joe’s watch list.