TURN: "Pilot"

TURN “Pilot”

Episode Air Date: April 6, 2014

Podcast Date: 2016.08.28




At the dawn of the Revolutionary War, struggling Long Island farmer Abraham Woodhull is recruited by the Colonial Army to spy on the British.


It's the autumn of 1776 in Setauket, Long Island. At his farmhouse, Abe Woodhull speculates to his wife, Mary, that the war will be over by Christmas.


Clip 1:

Major talking to Captain (check name) regarding being court marshalled in England. I love seeing the order the English crown took with them across the world.

Clip 2:

Abraham held by the Continental Congress. Ben Talmadge attempts to recruit him.

Clip 3:

Abraham and Anna Strong talk about Captain Simcoe being a creep. Anna convinces Abraham to join the rebellion.



  • I believe TURN is a fun, engaging show that is often overlooked. Had it not been for an Emmy campaign, I might have forgotten about it.

  • I LOVE THE AGE OF DISCOVERY. Have I talked about that enough on the show?





Episode cast overview, first billed only:


Jamie Bell


Abraham Woodhull


Seth Numrich


Ben Talmadge


Daniel Henshall


Caleb Brewster


Heather Lind


Anna Strong


Meegan Warner


Mary Woodhull


Kevin McNally


Judge Richard Woodhull (as Kevin R. McNally)


Burn Gorman


Major Hewlett


Angus Macfadyen


Robert Rogers


Samuel Roukin


Lt. John Simcoe


JJ Feild


Major John Andre


Robert Beitzel


Selah Strong


Jamie Harris


Will Robeson


Michael Gaston


General Scott


Alexander McPherson


Scots Ranger


Pete Burris


Old Ranger



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