STRANGER THINGS: “Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers”

STRANGER THINGS: “Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers”

Season 1, Episode 1

Episode Air Date: July 15, 2016

Podcast Date: 2016.07.31






  • On November 6, 1983, in a US Department of Energy-backed Hawkins National Laboratory, a scientist flees from an unseen menace but is ultimately taken.

  • Meanwhile, Will Byers, a 12-year-old boy, vanishes after encountering a strange creature while riding his bicycle home from a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with his three friends.

  • The next day, a young girl with a shaved head and wearing a hospital gown appears at a local hamburger joint.

  • The owner Benny takes pity on her and feeds her before calling the social services.

  • A woman posing as a social worker arrives, and immediately shoots Benny as a team of armed men search for the girl, but she manages to escape.

  • Eventually, Will's friends Lucas, Mike and Dustin find her in the rainy woods while searching for Will.


Clip 1:

The boys playing D&D. The innocence of youth that the show captures is pretty breathtaking. They play off fond memories with a spacey soundtrack.

Clip 2:

Will is lost / conversation a the station between Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers

Clip 3:

The phone rings and zaps mom; the boys find 11 in the woods



  • What were your thoughts on the monster (Demogorgon)?

    • It caught me off guard. I thought it was really interesting that they came up with a sci-fi story so off the beaten path

  • We’re really in the ‘making old new again’ phase (Ghostbuster, Power Rangers, Ghost in the Shell, Ash vs Evil Dead, Blair Witch, Wet Hot American Summer - Star Wars/Trek, etc.)

  • You really feel the panic of the characters - amazing acting all around

  • Interesting themes / nostalgia

    • Big Brother listening

    • The latchkey generation

    • The father that just rolls over, only does what he’s told

    • Forts in the woods

    • Walkie talkies




Series cast summary:


Winona Ryder


Joyce Byers (8 episodes, 2016)


David Harbour


Jim Hopper (8 episodes, 2016)


Finn Wolfhard


Mike Wheeler (8 episodes, 2016)


Millie Bobby Brown


Eleven (8 episodes, 2016)


Gaten Matarazzo


Dustin Henderson (8 episodes, 2016)


Caleb McLaughlin


Lucas Sinclair (8 episodes, 2016)


Natalia Dyer


Nancy Wheeler (8 episodes, 2016)


Charlie Heaton


Jonathan Byers (8 episodes, 2016)


Cara Buono


Karen Wheeler (8 episodes, 2016)


Matthew Modine


Dr. Martin Brenner (8 episodes, 2016)


Joe Keery


Steve Harrington (8 episodes, 2016)


Rob Morgan


Officer Powell (8 episodes, 2016)


John Reynolds


Officer Callahan (8 episodes, 2016)


Joe Chrest


Ted Wheeler (7 episodes, 2016)


Noah Schnapp


Will Byers (7 episodes, 2016)


Mark Steger


The Monster (6 episodes, 2016)


Randall P. Havens


Mr. Clarke (6 episodes, 2016)


Tobias Jelinek


Lead Agent (6 episodes, 2016)


Susan Shalhoub Larkin


Florence (6 episodes, 2016)


Catherine Dyer


Agent Connie Frazier (5 episodes, 2016)


Anniston Price


Holly Wheeler (5 episodes, 2016)


Tinsley Price


Holly Wheeler (5 episodes, 2016)


Peyton Wich


Troy (5 episodes, 2016)


Ross Partridge


Lonnie Byers (4 episodes, 2016)


Hugh B. Holub


Scientist (4 episodes, 2016)


Cade Jones


James (4 episodes, 2016)


Chester Rushing


Tommy H. (4 episodes, 2016)


Chelsea Talmadge


Carol (4 episodes, 2016)


Robert Walker Branchaud


Agent Repairman (4 episodes, 2016)


Shannon Purser


Barbara Holland (5 episodes, 2016)


Pete Burris


Hawkins Head of Security (3 episodes, 2016)


Andrew Benator


Elevator Scientist (3 episodes, 2016)


Charles Lawlor


Mr. Melvald (3 episodes, 2016)


Tony Vaughn


Principal Coleman (3 episodes, 2016)


Glennellen Anderson


Nicole (2 episodes, 2016)


Aimee Mullins


Terry Ives (2 episodes, 2016)


Chris Sullivan


Benny Hammond (2 episodes, 2016)


Stefanie Butler


Cynthia (2 episodes, 2016)


David Dwyer


Earl (2 episodes, 2016)


Salem Murphy


High School Principal (2 episodes, 2016)


Jerri Tubbs


Diane Hopper (2 episodes, 2016)


Ron Roggé


State Trooper O'Bannon (2 episodes, 2016)



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