TWIN PEAKS: "Beyond Life and Death"


“Beyond Life and Death”

Season 1, Episode 1

Episode Air Date: January 19, 2013

Podcast date: 2016.05.01




Inspector Edmund Reid, our hero, and Whitechapel are reeling from Jack the Rippers murders. We find the detective out in the streets keeping the piece in a city that is rapidly changing with few or no labor laws. Crime and gangs rule the land with the few brave police standing in crimes way. Inspector Reid lost his own daughter to the Ripper -


Whitechapel,1889. It is some months since Jack the Ripper last struck but, when another young woman is found slain with 'Down on Whores' daubed on a nearby wall, the supposition is that he has returned. Tough inspector Reid,however,forces journalist Fred Best to confess he added the paintwork to perpetuate interest in the Ripper. American police doctor Jackson agrees that this is a different murderer and,through his friendship with brothel keeper Long Susan,finds that the victim,Maude Thwaites,was a married woman who posed for pornographic photos to support her unemployed husband Christian. Reid and his sergeant,Drake,save Christian from intruders but he later kills himself. Surviving an attempt on their lives Reid,Jackson and Drake are given a lead which takes them to their murderer - a man with an unhealthy interest in photography.


"Ripper Street," is a Victorian-era police procedural.


It's 1889 in London's notorious East End and a man leads a group of middle class English citizens to the sites of the Jack the Ripper killings. Six months since the body of Mary Jane Kelly, the fifth victim, was found, and already murder tourism thrives in Whitechapel.







3:40 - ?  Detective Inspector Edmund Reid rallies his troops, they see the woman’s body.


15:30 - Chief Inspector Fred Abberline find out about the body and is upset he wasn’t notified as he is obsessed with Jack. What if he was dressed with Jack for our eyes. We would fill the street with police and insight terror and it may not be him.


56:00 – 58:00: speech about not looking for Jack in every actor of evil / Jack still lives, he still breathes, he must be caught. We must hope he is gone and stays gone.




1.     I watched the show thanks to the Fan.TV App. I love period pieces, do you like those kinds of shows?

2.     I like that the theme is about not insighting terror or fear into the populous without knowing for sure that we have a reason to be afraid. This seems relevant in 2016 with all of the terrorism, just in a microcausm of industrial great biritin

3.     We must hope Jack is gone and stays gone. Creepy to think how many people get away with crimes.


TRIVIA (Optional)





Matthew Macfadyen


Detective Inspector Edmund Reid

Jerome Flynn


Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake

Adam Rothenberg


Captain Homer Jackson

Clive Russell


Chief Inspector Fred Abberline

David Wilmot


Sgt Donald Artherton

Jonathan Barnwell


PC Dick Hobbs

MyAnna Buring


Long Susan

David Dawson


Fred Best

Charlene McKenna


Rose Erskine

Amanda Hale


Emily Reid

Steven Robertson


Christian Thwaites

Mark Dexter


Sir Arthur Donaldson

Geoff Bell


Joesph Smeaton

Julian Bleach


Cecil Creighton

Morgan C. Jones


Pornographer (as Morgan Jones)




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