Peaky Blinders: "Episode 1.1"


“Episode 1.1”

Season 1, Episode 1

Episode Air Date: September 30, 2014

Podcast date: 2016.06.19




In Birmingham just after the Great War trenches veteran Thomas Shelby leads his gang, the Peaky Blinders, so named as they carry lethal razors in their peaked caps, who make money from illegal betting and the black market. Thomas, by mistake, appropriates a consignment of guns which have been stolen from the local arms factory and hard-nosed Inspector Campbell arrives from Ireland, charged by war minister Winston Churchill to recover it. Thomas's aunt Polly urges him to return it but he sees the opportunity to use it to his advantage. Thomas also quarrels with his elder brother Arthur as Thomas has devised the 'powder trick', a means of fixing horse races and Arthur is nervous as Thomas has not involved Billy Kimber, who runs the race-courses and their rackets. Thomas's sister Ada is in love with Freddie Thorne, who saved her brother's life in the war, and is now a Marxist, encouraging workers to strike over a pay cut. As far as Campbell is concerned Freddie is as much the enemy - in the wake of the Russian revolution - as the Peaky Blinders, as he looks for the missing guns.




Clip 1:
Begin: 5:48 "Tommy, git in here now!"

End: 7:32 "There is trouble coming." Include train whistle.

Clip 2
Begin: 8:22 cheering "shut up now."

End: 9:40 "raise a hand of all those that want a strike!" (include--cheers go up)

Clip 3
Begin: 11:12 "cheers thomas"

End: 14:36 "maybe you will have to put a bullet in my head one day too."

Clip 4:
Begin: 19:05 "I have ten minutes...what do you want?"

End: 22:05 "let your mother win"




1.     Peaky blinders is a period piece that blends modern music (some might argue sensibilities) with an historic period. Did you think it worked well?

2.     Family versus country is a theme in terms of morality and conflict—who are the people of Ireland beholden too.

3.     War, hx of PTSD

4.     War and bonding is a unique theme through this whole show.


TRIVIA (Optional)

Trivia is from non-spoilers of the whole season as there was no trivia just for episodeL

1.    There are more canals in Birmingham than in Venice


2.    Pj Harvey, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood, Black Keys/Dan Auerbach & The White Stripes make up most of the soundtrack to the show.


3.    While the show has often received criticism for the seemingly inaccurate accents, much of the cast and crew have confirmed that they are historically accurate. The 1920's dialect for Birmingham, England was said to be slightly different. Helen McCrory has even stated the accents are authentic 1920's Birmingham dialects. Despite this, many UK viewers believe that the accents are watered down versions of proper dialect to appeal to US viewers.

4.    Joe Cole who plays John Shelby and Finn Cole who plays his cousin Michael are brothers in real life.


5.    This is the third time Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy have worked together.


6.    David Bowie was a huge fan of the show and gave permission for music from his final album to be featured in Series 3. Steven Knight, the shows creator, learned of Bowie's interest after the singer sent a photo of himself with razor blades in his cap to lead actorCillian Murphy. Knight revealed: "I got in touch with his people, who came back straight away and said he was a big, big fan." Bowie later sent a representative from his label to provide an early hearing of his final album Blackstar a week before its existence was made public. "And then on the following Tuesday we heard that he'd passed away. It seems that his people were keen to establish that we could use it before he died."


7.    Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy both play a Batman villain. Cillian plays Scarecrow and Tom plays Bane.


8.    Benjamin Zephaniah who plays Jerimiah Jesus/Jimmy Jesus is actually from Birmingham, this is his debut as he is actually a poet.


9.    The theme song for Peaky Blinders, Red Right Hand was written by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. This song also appears in The X-Files, Dumb and Dumber, Hellboy and the Scream trilogy.


10. Although set in 1920s Birmingham, the show is mostly filmed around Liverpool and Merseyside and in London. Wherever possible and appropriate, scenes are shot in Birmingham and the West Midlands (such as The Black Country Museum in Dudley) however there are very few areas of Birmingham left that still resemble the period environment required.


11. The show's title is derived from the gang practise of sewing razor blades into the peaks of their flat caps, which they could then easily access if they needed to.


12. Tom Hardy joins the show during season 2. This marks the third time that Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy have been in the same production. They appeared in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises together. In fact, in the latter, Cillian Murphy reprises his role from Batman Begins as villain Dr. Jonathan Crane aka the Scarecrow while Hardy plays the titular antagonist Bane.


13. Yes. Birmingham is known as the city of a thousand and one trades. The pen was invented here. Bandages also. It is also home to the factory which made the whistles used on the battlefields of the First World War which the character Thomas Shelby returned from in the first episode of series one. Also the factory Thomas Hudson, which is still going strong today made the whistles used on the titanic.



Episode cast overview, first billed only:


Cillian Murphy


Thomas Shelby


Sam Neill


Inspector Chester Campbell


Helen McCrory


Aunt Polly


Paul Anderson


Arthur Shelby


Annabelle Wallis


Grace Burgess


Iddo Goldberg


Freddie Thorne


Sophie Rundle


Ada Shelby


Joe Cole


John Shelby


Ned Dennehy


Charlie Strong


Benjamin Zephaniah


Jeremiah Jesus


Lobo Chan


Mr. Zhang


Alfie Evans-Meese


Finn Shelby


Neil Bell


Harry Fenton


Samuel Edward-Cook


Danny Whizz-Bang


Ian Peck






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On this episode of Sunday Reviews, Kyle and Joe discuss PEAKY BLINDERS “Episode 1.1”


Join us live next week on Mixlr as we discuss STRANGER THINGS “Episode 1,” at 3:00 PM PST.  


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On this episode of Sunday Reviews, Kyle and Joe discuss PEAKY BLINDERS “Episode 1.1”



Next week’s episode is: STRANGER THINGS “Episode 1,” so make sure to tune in!



Created and hosted by Kyle Dempster, the How Original Podcast covers gaming news and nerd culture that you probably already knew. I know right? How original… 

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Join us live next week on Mixlr as we discuss STRANGER THINGS “Episode 1,” at 3:00 PM PST.


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