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Subscriber perks:

  • Get a star next to your name on Twitch and access to our subscriber-only emotes
  • Share links in Twitch chat with fear of Chatbot
  • Link your Twitch account to Discord so you can show off your support with a "Twitch Subscriber" role
  • Loving the channel and want to stay subscribed longer? After two months of subscriptions, I'll send you a 3x3 vinyl sticker so you can rep your support IRL!

stream Schedule

M-W 7:30p–9:30p MT
F 7:30p-11p MT

Sa 12:30p–11p MT
Su 12:30p–11p MT

*All times are approximations and may change.

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Gain Perks.


Chatting on our discord server rewards you points via the Mee6 bot. Check your current level here.


  • Level 5: Friendly
    • You now stand out from the crowd and gain access to a few extra channels
  • Level 15: Honored
    • Your dedication gains you a GIF command on the stream like !Mike
  • Level 25: Revered
    • You get a vinyl sticker in the mail for your hard work and dedication
    • If you're already a Twitch subscriber, you will get a different sticker variant! 
  • Level 35: Exalted
    • Coming soon!