Getting Whitelisted





First, you'll need to earn the points to join the Minecraft server by watching the Twitch stream! You'll need these points to buy the "Join MC Server" reward. 

You gain points by the duration you watch. Keep an eye out for chests that randomly appear on screen as they contain bonus points. You can also gambled your points by playing scratchers or card games. 

At this stage, you will be able to enter your character name for whitelisting after you subscribe (step 2). 



Subscribe to the Twitch channel to support the server!

As people join and the server needs to expand, we need your help to keep it afloat. Subscribe at any level to complete your whitelisting process.

*Don't forget to stay subscribed for uninterupted server access!


Thanks to @Para6on, we have a custom mod pack for you to install! Download the pack here, and add it to your Twitch launcher using the import option.

You will need to allocate more ram to the game