DONATING 301: TreatStream

Want to show Kyle some love in the form of food? TreatStream allows you to do exactly that! 

Head over to Kyle's TreatStream page and choose a treat form the list. Once you checkout, a notification will be sent on stream and food will be sent to his door! 

Here's some info straight from the TreatStream Team:

"Treats are automatically fulfilled without any information being shared. (Delivery fees, tips, and taxes are all paid. No Hassles! Just receive and eat!)

Once Treat is sent the streamer should receive an email, activity, and live stream notifications. Then food orders for that streamer will automatically go on cooldown for the amount of time the streamer assigned it so there isn't an overabundance of food sent to the streamer. Of course, Treats will also shut down based on the restaurant or support hours which also depends on where the streamer is located."

Need help? Contact the TreatStream support team here: