TWITCH: Chatbot Commands

Bots... they're an amazing thing, but they also have a lot of mistique surrounding them. What commands can I use? Where can I use them? What do they do? To answer your questions, we put together a little list:

NIGHTBOT COMMANDS (works on Twitch AND Discord)

!time - gives you the local time in SLC

!schedule - provides a link to the stream schedule

!weather - weather in SLC

!quote - sends a random quote from our long list

!commands - gives you a full list of commands



!points - shows how many hours you have watched the stream and how many points you have

!raffle- if there is a giveaway running, this is how you enter

!giveaway - this will tell you if there is a giveaway running


GIF COMMANDS (Twitch only)

!mike - give Not Mike L some love when you see him in chat!

!toasty - give LordToasty some love and make him dance!

!leveup - drop this command if you see my character level up

!welcome - welcome people to the stream


MEE6 COMMANDS (Discord only)

!levels - provides the Discord leaderboard

!rank - shows your current rank on Discord