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Subscribing via Twitch is totally optional, but it is an amazing way to support the stream. Each subscription gets me closer to increasing my streaming quality, and you get some nice perks from it as well! 

Subscriber Perks:

  • Custom emoticons on Twitch and Discord
  • Discord Subscriber Role
  • Special Chat Badge
  • Able to share links
  • 3x3 vinyl sticker after two consequtive months (US only)


Joining Discord is your first step in showing you're an MVP! We have an awesome community that shares content related to the games we love, and chatting comes with some perks that link to Twitch!

Discord Perks:

  • Custom emoticons from Twitch
  • Twitch Subscriber Role (Make sure your accounts are linked)
  • Voice channels
  • Fun for the whole family! 
  • 3x3 vinyl sticker after hitting level 25 (US only)