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Dan MacDonald

cohost of Civ cast and Host of rpgold

Dan joined Civ Cast in October, 2016, as a long-time lover of RTS, 4X, Grand Strategy, and basically any game involving a historical and unit-control element.

A lifelong lover of games, the first real gaming experience he remembers was with Age of Empires II – where he sunk endless hours into choppy LAN sessions and Town Centre rushes. Since then, he has kept up with strategy gaming through the Civilization, Europa Universalis, and Total War series.

Dan is a graduate of The University of Edinburgh (2014) and Simon Fraser University (2010), where he studied towards degrees in History and English Literature. His research passions are Russian and Scottish history, and Russian literature. He lives in Vancouver, BC with his wife – who indulges his love of video games, despite still referring to them all as ‘his Nintendo’s’.